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We want our customers to remember us as one of the best interactions they have ever had with an Automotive Plasti service company! Our goal is to exceed your expectations, work with flexibility around your schedule, and meet your needs with professionalism and excellence.  Our goal is to deliver unparalleled quality and a unique customer service experience; we’re the experts you can rely on to provide the right colors for your Vehicles.

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We have been serving clients since 2014 with a full range of high-quality exterior and interior Plasti Dip services. Our highly trained and dedicated Plasti Dip Sprayers know how to tackle any job, big or small.
Versatile Dip will offer you a free, personalized quote tailored to the individual needs of your project.

We have the experience and expertise to fully or partially dip yours too! From motorcycles to cars, trucks, and more!  Contact us with the year/make/model, the present color, and the color you want to dip it.

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What is Plasti Dip

Plasti-Dip is a reversible, versatile, rubber coating that is an excellent alternative to traditional automotive paint and vinyl wraps. Because it can be mixed to create custom colors the possibilities are endless and every outcome is unique. This product has taken the auto industry by storm because of its versatility, durability, reversibility, and protective qualities.

Plasti-Dip will last 3 years or longer without having to be retouched. It is very durable, keeps its finish and will not lose its bond. After or during the three years if desired, a new refresher coat can be easily applied.

Plasti-Dip colors are perfect for people looking to make a statement, without high car painting prices.

If you’re a car enthusiast like us, you take great pride in your ride. Dipping will not only protect your car’s current paint while changing the color, but it can also bring a car with an aged paint job back to life

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Are you getting tired of the color of your vehicle? The paint comes in numerous distinctive colors in either lustrous or matte completes the process of, permitting your auto to have that new look you needed. Plasti dip is a solid item, which can last you years. Besides, plasti dip has been tested in great sweltering and cool temperatures.

Full Body – We offer a full car plasti dip painting service. Your car is prep and taped with correct products to assure a correct finish. The car is sprayed with 6 – 10 coats of plasti dip
with long time gaps in between, letting the layers cure. After which we start the cleanup processes. Our Experienced professionals carefully remove the unwanted paint on the appropriate details. Plasti Dip is a distinguishing offering rubber coating with multi-purposes; in any case, it is most useful for vehicles. Plasti Dip can ensure your vehicle from dampness, scraped spots, erosion, and acids.

Detailing – We do it all Interior, Grills, Emblems, Mirrors, Trim, Rims, Light Tinting, Etc.. We have the ability to add style to your car even with the smallest details.

Full Body

·         Full-interior plasti dipping
·         Full-exterior plasti dipping
·         Gloss finish
·         Carbon Fiber finish
·         Metallic finish
·         Correct dry time
·         Full prep work
·         Clean finish
·         Great results
·         Emblem Dip
·         Trim and Lip Dip
·         Rim Dip
·         Clear Coating
·         Grill Dipping Service


·         Rims
·         Skirts
·         Emblems
·         Interior
·         Grills
·         Full Prep

We will definitely have the lowest price.

You can bring your own plasti dip and pay for just labor or we can provide the dip for you.
Specialize in small or large vehicle or anything you want dipped.

 We Offer All different types of color

-Flat Black
-Gold Metalizer
-Silver Metalizer
-Blaze Blue
-Blaze Orange
-Blaze Pink
-Blaze Purple
-Blaze Yellow
-Blaze Green

And much more ….


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We Strive to provide great customer service, and all the support you need to safely complete your Plasti Dip projects!

We cater  clients from all GTA TORONTO AREA

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